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Hi everyone!

Today's a bonus post for the week. For those of you in the UK, you'll notice a fine change in the weather! We're getting more sun and cool winds, time to truly welcome spring and change up those winter coats to something lighter and brighter.

I've been meaning to experiment more on looks. In one of my previous looks called 'Street Chic', I donned the RISE snap back by Taeyang. Headgear is one of the essential accessories that can instantly vamp up your outfit. What has never gone out of style, is the classic baseball hat. Starting out as merchandise for fans, baseball caps have become a wardrobe staple for street fashion. It is also something everyone world wide can appreciate. Big celebrities like G-dragon and Rihanna have been seen donning the baseball cap look all year round. Whether you prefer wearing them with jeans, skirts or a blazer, the baseball cap is timeless and there are so many colours and patterns to match with any of your favourite outfits.

I've been into street wear and to achieve my 'Baseball Luxe' look I would choose the  L.A. Dodgers Green League Basic hat. Green is perfect for the spring and summer. The color on the hat stands out on its own and where simplicity is the major goal, this green would pass that effortless yet striking look.The solid green is also versatile, it is a classic color that can go with the summer shades of yellow, whites, blues and even reds! The structured fit is sleek and clean and it would also suit many face shapes including small round faces like mine.

1. Light Wash Denim Jacket - Style Nanda
2. Crop top - River Island
3. Midi Skirt - Zara
4. Shelly's London Cartore Sandal - ASOS
5. L.A. Dodgers Green League Basic Hat -

Photo collage by: Amal Kasmirhan.

I would wear it with a  Light Wash Denim Jacket from Style Nanda, a Crop Top from River Island and a tube midi skirt (you can get a similar one from Zara). I've always been a fan of anything that is oversized and denim is a must to rock during spring and summer. The crop top and midi skirt gives off a nice balance while playing with different lengths and shapes. Midi skirts are super hot this season. They can be worn to achieve both feminine and sporty looks!  I would finish off with a pair of white sandals  by Shellys London. I chose these because the platform sole will give that extra lift and the thick white leather would make the outfit modern and simplistic. Because the L.A. Dodgers Green League Basic Hat is a statement on it's own, I kept a neutral tone with the rest of the pieces. Comfortable and stylish? I'd say yes! 

A major thank you to for getting us involved in this challenge! You can check out a large range of baseball hats from their store to complete your own Baseball Luxe look.

Thank you to Amal K from The Bohemian Brighties for helping me out with the editing of the collage! Really couldn't have done this without her creative input. Check out this talented beauty on her fashion and lifestyle blog here and follow her instagram page right here!

Hope you guys enjoyed this little post and don't forget to tune in to this weekend for Wearrior Alia's post!



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