As-salamu alaykum and hello everyone!

Before I begin with this blog post, I just want to say that I hope you guys are utilising the month of Ramadan for spiritual rehabilitation and to strengthen your relationship with your Creator because:

"Ramadan is a cure for the straying hearts, the broken hearts, the betrayed hearts, the cold hearts, the hard hearts and last but not least, the lost hearts."

I'm back earlier this week! I have changed rotation with Fez for this week. So, you'll be seeing him for the next two weeks. 

Anyways, today's post is quite special because it will resonate with my faith. I will be exhibiting to you guys one of my favourite piece of clothing called the 'Thawb' or 'Thobe' depending on the spelling you prefer. Otherwise, it is known as 'Jubah' in Malay. I will be using the two different spelling of thawb and thobe, interchangeably. 

I will also be dividing this post into two parts. The first part will concentrate more on the thobe itself, while the second part will focus on my experience wearing it around Spain. 

1. Thawb/Thobe
Recently, I went to Southern part of Spain with my closest friends for an adventure. I knew that I wanted to wear my thobe in one of the days. I have decided to wear it, when we went to Granada to visit Alhambra. As you guys may know, my favourite colour is indeed white. Thus, I will be exhibiting my white thawb. 

Oh, the photographs were taken by two people this time! Sarah and Naqib, both have taken amazing photos for this blog post. 

"Guide us to/in the straight path" [Qur'an, 1:6]
Enchanted forest of Alhambra // Photo by Sarah Mutalif
The thawb in general is known for being an Islamic garment because it exudes such simplicity, modesty and humility. It is also commonly worn by Muslim men when going to the mosque or religious ceremony. Some wear it for their daily life.

Furthermore, it simultaneously acts as a secondary hijab for its ankle-covering length. Currently, there are a lot of Islamic hijab for women but we don't really see much for men. Perhaps, we have inadvertently forgot that hijab is actually both for men and women. 

I personally love the thawb because it is so comfortable. The wind just breezes through it easily. Although, some find it hard to wear because of it's limited mobility, but for me, I'm quite cool with it. 

The fountains at Alhambra Palace // Photo by Sarah Mutalif
There are different types and designs. Some thobes are short sleeved and some are long sleeved. Others can have a stiffened collar and sleeves to produce such formal appearance. The one that I am wearing is much more on the casual side, with the top looking more like a long sleeved t-shirt. 

Photo by Naqib Hamidon
To complete the outfit, I have paired it up with my cream coloured Timberland backpack and use my off-white Lacoste shoe with it.

I personally wouldn't recommend to wear something with the same white shade entirely, thus, anything cream or off-white would complement a white garment. I've said this in previous posts, I have a thing for white shoes, they are, in my humble view, are very versatile and universal.

Now, I realized that I need to buy other coloured shoes. 

My Timberland backpack buddy since 2014 // Photo by Naqib Hamidon
Favourite shoe since 2014 // Photo by Naqib Hamidon

2: Experience
Honest to God, I was a bit anxious and worried to wear it around Spain actually. However, when I found out we were going to Alhambra, I wanted to embrace it by wearing the thawb. Alhambra used to be an Islamic fortress which was later converted into a Royal Palace. 

Surrounded by people who wore shorts and t-shirts, subsequently I did get a lot of stares and looks from a lot of people. It is indeed a foreign garment and perhaps, my face looking very East Asian must have added to their curiosity. I actually wondered if women and girls wearing the headscarves or abaya experience this, in which I assume they do. Some smiled, but, some just looked in a very judgmental facial expression. I guess, the thobe is a polarising garment. 

There was one experience that I thought was very memorable. I was buying a painting with two of my friends from this kind old man. The paintings that he drew were beautiful. I was just in awe that he seemed so content and he only sold his paintings for 3 Euros each. It was just a humbling moment for me to realise that I am constantly feeling dissatisfied about things and he was just there, even though, he didn't have much, he just looked in a state of tranquility.

As I was buying the painting, there was a young Spanish man who came up and started speaking in Spanish to us. He looked at me and started pointing at my thobe. Truth be told, I was actually a bit envious that he was wearing shorts and a t-shirt, as it looked so stylish and cool. So then, the old man started translating what the Spanish guy was saying:

Old man: Where did you get your clothing?
Me: Oh, I don't remember. But, I think it's from Mecca or Medina.
Old man: He likes what you are wearing.

Then the Spanish guy tried to speak in English, he made a sign language of what I was wearing and said:

Spanish guy: Really good. Beautiful.

I was genuinely surprised when he told me that, here I am envying his clothing and there he was admiring my thawb. It was definitely an eye-opening experience.

On another interesting note for my experience wearing the thawb, I just knew at the same time the thawb symbolises wealth, royalty or even a scholar. So, as I was walking around some just gave salam and asked if I was related to the Sultan or they called me by Sheikh. 

Somehow the white thawb with my Timberland bag, as well as my Lacoste shoes just fits the whole theme of Alhambra very well. My friend told me I just blended in, as if I live there! 

For the rest of the post, I'll just be showcasing some photographs taken by Naqib. 

Photo taken by Naqib Hamidon 
Photo taken by Naqib Hamidon 
A window view of the purview of Grenada from the Alhambra Palace // Photo taken by M

Photo taken by Naqib Hamidon 
I guess that is all from me this week. I hope you guys have enjoyed this post, as much as I did writing it down. I'll see you guys back soon. 

"There is no victor but Allah." // Photo taken by Naqib Hamidon 
I hope you all spend the last 10 days of Ramadhan to strive and fight with your internal desire like never before. 

Till next time,



  1. First of all, waalaikumussalam. :)

    Does blogspot initially does not have a like button? Because I am in dire need to click that like button for this post. :D

    Somehow I stumbled upon this post and I'm glad I did! Albeit I'm sorely late.

    Anyways! Lovely photos, enjoyed reading your description about the Jubah and especially about your experience. Kudos for wearing it to Spain! I commend your courage. Since I rarely go to non-Muslim countries, I've never had to be afraid of wearing the hijab in public and after reading this I feel more grateful that I'm living/have travelled to countries that does not judge me with what I wear on my head. Even if I do get there someday (In Syaa Allah wa Alllahumma Ameen) this post will remind me to be brave and that I should be proud of my hijab as my connection with Allah SWT; like how your Jubah was to you. So thank you for this post. Jazzakallahu Khairan Khateera. :)

    P/s: I agree, you did blend in so well with Alhambra.

    1. Jazak Allahu Khayran, for your response and for enjoying this post.

      I do apologize for the late reply because, I think I speak on behalf of all the Wearriors, we have all been very busy! So, I'm sorry for that.

      It was definitely an eye-opening experience to wear the Thawb in public. Nevertheless, never be afraid of wearing your hijab in public, especially do it for the sake of Allah swt. He is Al-Muhaymin and Al-Wali, Allah will always protect us, no matter what :-)

      Insha'Allah, you will have the opportunity to travel to other countries like Spain! I will be praying for you to be able to have this opportunity. If not, something even better will come along. He is indeed the Best Planner.

      -Wearrior M



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