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Summer vacation is finally almost ending for some of you, although here in Brunei, summer is never truly over! With an average of 35 degrees celsius in the day and 26 degrees celsius at night, the summer feels are still pretty valid on a daily basis (okay maybe just on weekends?). Summer for the Wearriors have been pretty hectic but luckily three of us finally found time to meet up at the last week of August for a special themed shoot! We have a pretty awesome line up for you today and an even more amazing collaboration with Brunei's very own beautiful and talented Make-up artist (MUA), Anisah Alkaff. In our post today, we'll be showing you how we like to rock our white coloured pants for our summer days and night! Don't forget to scroll down for an exclusive Day & Night Make-up look by Anisah Alkaff MUA!

by Alia & Mu'izz

Photo by // Anisah Alkaff

Photo by // Anisah Alkaff

It is safe to say that I have caught the "all white" bug. I don't know why I haven't joined the band wagon of wearing white skinny jeans earlier. Ever since I got my first pair this Summer I can't stop myself from wearing them all the time! Coming from the girl who has a closet that consists 90% of black, I have shocked myself with how much I love wearing white jeans. Don't get me wrong, I still love my all black outfits but my new found love for wearing more white coloured pieces definitely feels so refreshing for the Summer.

Photo by // Anisah Alkaff
For this look I wanted to go for something that was fun and flirty to compliment the make-up look I had on. This sleeveless white top from Zalora was the perfect piece to channel those girly, angelic vibes. Since the top has a more A-line shape, I wanted to make sure that my bottom half stayed streamlined and elongated. Pairing this top with white skinny jeans and nude peep toe heels helped me to achieve that affect as well as giving the illusion that I am tall (an for those of you that know me, you know this is not the case in real life!)

White Sleeveless Blouse: Zalora
White Skinny Jeans: New Look
Nude Peep Toe Heels: New Look

Besides from white jeans, heels have changed my wardrobe game this Summer. I used to be the kind of person that would only wear heels for special occasions such as birthday dinners and Hari Raya because I thought it made outfits look overly dressy. With getting older along with my style evolving, it has changed my view on heels and I have definitely learnt to appreciate it more compared to when I was younger. I can't deny that heels are becoming the footwear option that I am constantly gravitating towards nowadays.  It's amazing how adding heels to a simple outfit can complete it by making it look put together, sophisticated and feminine.

Photo by // Anisah Alkaff

Moving on from Alia's adorable outfit, I have decided to put together a very simple outfit or Ainul would call it the "boyfriend outfit." Both Alia and Ainul thinks its an outfit that complements well together with Alia's outfit overall. There is a synchrony with the choice of colours because white just goes well with very light or pastel colours.

Shirt: Tommy Hilfiger
White Pants: ASOS
Belt: ASOS
Shoes: Polo Ralph Lauren
I find the outfit to be very 'cooling' to the eyes. The colours are not too bright, it's in medium to pastel colours, so it matches with the white pants very well. It's a summer outfit – fun, light and happy.

A closer look at the Hilfiger shirt, as well as the leather tanned belt.
When I first saw this Hilfiger shirt, I loved it so much, I couldn't resist to not buy it. The colours are just in sync! I would recommend you guys to buy either Tommy Hilfiger, Hollister or Abercrombie & Fitch's shirts for quality and their beautiful colours. Although, I would also say H&M are very good, if you guys want a much more affordable price, yet very good quality.

Furthermore, the tanned leather belt just works well with white pants, I've already showed this before in the Polo Ralph Lauren post.

A close up of the Polo Ralph Lauren shoe.
Surprise! Remember when I was so obsessed with white shoes? And I told myself, I should try to explore other coloured shoes. Well, here it is. When I saw this shoe, I just thought the colours were just popping out – navy blue and yellow. Because of the colours, I decided to match it up with the shirt, it's not too 'matchy' because the colours are slightly different from the shirt. Oh btw, you don't have to cuff your pants! It seems like I have this sort of obsession with cuffed pants now, I have no idea why. Feel free to not cuff it, if you guys prefer not to.

Photo by // Anisah Alkaff
It was definitely a pleasure to work with Anisah Alkaff! She took amazing photos for all the wearriors. I'm super happy with the outcome. 

Photo by // Anisah Alkaff
Overall, for me, a day look must encompass such happy and fun vibe! Especially in Brunei, season is summer all year round. It's just refreshing to see colourful outfits going around! 

by Wearrior A

White Straight Trousers: Mango.
Top: Mango.
Long-line waistcoat: Primark.
Shoes: Clarks.
Hijab: Pudore.
For an evening look, I went for a pair of white trousers. White trousers are pretty lightweight, you won't find yourself sweating in these especially not at night. What I love about white trousers is their simplicity. You can achieve a chic look at any time and in any outfit combo with a pair of trusty straight trousers. I got mine from ZALORA.COM  in a size UK 6. The fitting was perfect, it wasn't too loose neither was it too tight. The length fell exactly where I wanted it to be and the shape was just nice! The trick about wearing white trousers is to have a pair of light body-shaping shorts underneath. This is important because white trousers tend to show what you're wearing underneath due to the translucent nature of white fabrics.  

Photo by // Anisah Alkaff
I wanted to go for both a relaxed and sophisticated look. This is where layering really plays a big part. Playing with layers brings structure to your look. Since jackets are out of the question in the summer, the major player here is the long-line waistcoat! It is a must have especially for hijabis because it covers the back of your body very nicely! No need to worry baby, the the waistcoat got your back! I found this checked waistcoat from Primark and the size I'm wearing is a size 8. It fits me very nicely, including the length as well!

Photo by // Anisah Alkaff

I matched my white pants with a contrasting black top from Mango. With that, I completed my look with a satin hijab from Pudore and black heels from Clarks.

Photo by // Anisah Alkaff

This hijab is from one of the Naila Shawl series from Pudore. The silky satin material is comfortable and easy to wear. I find that I wear this best with the roof of my hijab pointed up into an A shaped arch. Dark as the night, the black hijab is beautiful and the silky shine from the satin material gives off a glamorous finish to any look.

Photo by // Anisah Alkaff

This pair of Clarks heels is my ultimate favourite. I wear them with everything! It can go well with both casual to formal wear, which is perfect for this evening look. The chunky heel at the back leaves you comfortable and classy during the night. I wanted to go for a look that is both comfortable and chic. You can definitely wear this for a dinner out with friends and even for both work or formal events!


To compliment the outfits, both looks were centred around very bold red-orange lips because my idea of Summer is precisely that. And for both girls I wanted to keep the skin looking dewy. With such a bold lip look, I wanted to make sure that the eyes looked less "structured" and more undone and lived in. Almost like a juxtaposition as in fashion - formal and structured at the bottom, fun and casual at the top.

The Day Make Up Look
Lip Colour: Etude House Play 101 Pencil in No.12

For Alia I kept the eyes clean with a "barely there" champagne wash over the lids, no liner and just a focus on fluttery lashes.

The Night Make Up Look

Lip Colour: 3CE Jumbo Lip Pencil in 006 and Wet n Wild lipstick in Purty Persimmon

With Ainul, I skipped on the liner too and just created a hazy bronze halo all around the eyes, resulting in a very casual and understated smokey eye that would not take away the attention on her fiery red lips.

Anisah Alkaff

Anisah Alkaff is a self-taught MUA who turned her obsession with make-up into a profession. Well known as the girl who puts her heart into make-up, she has made-up over 100 brides and experienced collaborations with local artists in Brunei. We were very lucky to have done a collaboration with her and enjoyed every bit of the experience. We talked about how she is also inspired and interested in the editorial side of make-up and it definitely shows from the way she styled us in the shoot. Thank you Anisah for the amazing make-up and experience!

Keep in touch with our talented local MUA, Anisah Alkaff:

 Facebook account - Anisah Alkaff MUA.
Instagram - @yourlastjuicebox.
Contact number - +673 887 8831
E-mail address -

| END |

Thank you everyone for the support so far and being patient with us! Special thanks to Wearrior Alia's family as well for the great support on the day of the shoot! We hoped you enjoyed this post as much as we did! Before we end the post, we'd like to announce that Wearrior A is now a part of the Brand Ambassador Programme on ZALORA.COM. New registered users are entitled with a 15% discount on their first purchase! Just use Wearrior A's unique discount code ZBAPZF14!

Photography by Anisah Alkaff.

We'll see you again soon!

M& Alia


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