Keeping it casual - Weekend at Zamani's Place

Hi everyone! A few days ago we introduced our Guest Blogger segment featuring Amal K from of our ultimate blog crushes The Bohemian Brighties. The Bohemian Brighties consists of two gorgeous sisters, Amal & Iqah who write about travel, lifestyle and their undeniable love for fashion. We caught up with them in London Fashion Weekend earlier this year and we are super honoured to have them write for our blog too! If you haven't please check out 'Blue Is The Warmest Colour' by Amal K and head on over to their blog The Bohemian Brighties!

I just got back from my two-week holiday in Malaysia. This is my third and longest visit to Malaysia since 2013. Somehow every year I visit, it just gets better and better. I feel much more at home and comfortable with everything now and I find it really refreshing every time as well. Malaysia is much bigger than Brunei and I enjoy the diversity in culture and also in terms of lifestyle. This time round, I decided to have a chilled and relaxed holiday. It was much more centred towards spending time with Zhafir's family and friends (with a hint of shopping here and there). With that in mind, we visited Zamani's Place in Kedah with Zhafir's high school friends (shout out to Harith, Nazrin, Nanai, Faris, Mukri and Imam!) for a relaxing weekend getaway. So for today's post, I'll be showing you how I like to wear my instinct on a more casual and cozy holiday. 

For starters, a comfy loose tee is the way to go. Especially in a hot and humid climate, the white would reflect heat and cools you off. We planned to also explore Yan and visit the beach, so there was a lot of driving and spending time outdoors. The loose fit of the shirt offered great comfort for the long drives and also good ventilation for exploring in the hot and humid weather.

I paired my tee with a pair of boyfriend jeans also from Zara. I got this in a UK 6. I've always wanted to get a pair and this fit me pretty alright. I liked how light it felt and it was comfy even during our short jungle tracking on the way to the beach. I wore it a few times during the holiday and found that I might need to get a belt since the waist loosened up a bit without any washing. I completed my outfit with a pair of metallic shoes from Clarks. I have a thing for metallic footwear this season and just got another pair of sandals from Clarks as well. I didn't use these for going to the beach though, I opted for a pair of flip flops which was an obvious choice for hitting the beach. These are great for strolling and walking about. There's something about metallic footwear that attracts me. I think it's the somewhat neutral tone and it's bright and shiny at the same time. If you're not so daring to experiment with metallic shoes, you can always go for a white or blue toned outfit, which to me are a guaranteed match for metallic footwear.

Something new in my make-up routine this time is that I used Bobby Brown's Perfectly Defined Long-Wear Brow Pencil (in Taupe) for my eyebrows and PHB's Terra Cotta for my lips. The Bobby Brown Brow Pencil was perfect for creating that "natural" look and the shade was lighter than my usual brow shadow and pen. You know I love the Korean look and they are pretty big on the natural looking side of make-up. This was as close as I did to achieve that. As for PHB's lipstick, I have been wearing this quite a lot lately! Because of the darker nature of my natural lips, a darker or warmer tone of lipstick matches my lips. Terra Cotta is somewhat reddish brown and orange, which I find really suitable for my skin tone and gives off that summery vibe as well. 

Fish pond at Zamani's Place.

I had a wonderful two nights in Zamani's Place. Really wished I could have spent a couple more days there. We spent our first night sleeping in and we went swimming the next morning at the pool, which was right in front of our doorstep. I had a stroll around the beautiful garden and also helped Zhafir's dad catch some fish for a BBQ that evening. Zamani's place is just as beautiful during the day as it is during the night. 

View of the pool from our rooms at Zamani's Place.

Every inch of the place was picturesque. The property has 8 guest rooms, adult and children's pools, a fish pond and a gorgeous garden with a mix of exotic and local fruit and plant species. Zamani's place is set in a scenic location with sea on one side and Gunung Jerai on the other, while being surrounded by paddy fields. Perfect for relaxing and unwinding while experiencing an authentic village lifestyle.

Major thanks to Zhafir, Uncle Zamani, Auntie Esther and Zhafir's friends for the great weekend at Zamani's Place.

Find out more about Zamani's Place by checking out their website and Facebook Page (links below). You can also ask for Anis or Zaim through their contact details below or reach Zamani's Place through e-mail! 

Facebook: Zamani's Place
Contact: Anis (+601 33175 175) or Zaim (+601 12627 6589)

I hope you like today's look and thanks for reading!

With Love,



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