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Hello everyone!

Sunday last week, I was invited by our all time favourite Make-up Artist, Anisah Alkaff to attend the Makeover Showcase at The Kaleidoscope Studio (Saffron Cafe) hosted by Ly's Faire Bar as her model. The Makeover Showcase event was held in celebration of Lily's Make-up bar's 1st year anniversary and involves a great collaboration between Lily and a team of local Make-up Artists. Guests can get a first hand experience with three different local Make-up Artists demonstrating three different make-up looks live on the day. Each ticket also comes with food, drinks and a free make-up pouch! There were also vendors available on the day for guests to check out. Entry started at 12 noon and the event went on untill 6 in the evening. The first Make-up Artist to feature on the day was Anisah Alkaff, followed by Ash Make-up Artist and Grace Make-up Studio


Anisah wanted to perform a Retro pin-up look, which she mentioned was the favourite look that inspired her to explore the art of Make-up. The pin-up look was big in the 1940s and 1950s. It's all about looking fun, gorgeous and elegant with a balance of natural beauty, grace and confidence. It's a great beauty look enjoyed by both men and women for generations and there's no wonder why Anisah chose this for the Makeover Showcase!

Make-up by Anisah Alkaff.

As her model, I had the fun opportunity to channel my inner Pin-up Girl! Our biggest inspiration for my outfit on the day was from Christina Aguilera's music video 'Candyman'. To play the part, I went for a polka dotted buttoned up top and a pair of high waisted white denim from Top Shop. This is a simple and easy way to style your pin-up look. Just tie up the ends of your top and you're all ready to go! As for my hair I decided to go for a bandana headband and curled the ends of my bob to achieve that cute retro feel. Finally I finished off my look with my comfy black heeled Clarks. 

High Waisted White Denim - Top Shop.
Black Heels - Clarks.

I also brought my black handbag that I got from a vintage fair in Leamington. 

As for the make-up look, Anisah mentioned the importance of the sexy winged eye-liner and the strong arched eyebrows. She didn't put much eyeshadow on me but brushed in enough to create an illusion of deep set eyes. Back then, the trend was to accentuate the natural beauty of the face. Anisah used mainly blush to contour my face and finished off with a classic strong red lip colour. This make-up technique is very versatile and mastering it will give you a great start to try other make-up styles. You can tone this look up or down, and change up the colours to create a style that you desire. I had a ton of fun with this look and felt like a baby doll the whole evening. After I got my make-up done I felt like I just came out from the 50s! Still need to work on that pout though! 

Here's a close up of the finished pin-up look by Anisah. Can you spot my natural beauty mark next to my lip?

Falsies are really big back then as well and another trick you can do to make your eyes look bigger and brighter is by tight lining your bottom waterline with a white pencil.

I look like I came out from the 50s don't I? :D

t up on the stage was Ash MUA. She
 did a beauty glam look, perfect for big night outs an

Next up on the stage was Ash MUA. She did a beauty glam look, perfect for big night outs and events. She gave her model a glowing look by using primer under foundation and went for a shimmery eyeshadow on her lid finished with a smoky look on her crease. Her falsies made her eyes look more dramatic and glamorous at the same time. To frame her model's face, her eyebrows were coloured in by a darker shade than her hair colour and defined in an arched and longer shape. Making the eyes the focus of her look, Ash finished off by giving her model a sweet pink gloss on her lips. All ready for a glamorous night out!

The Model and Ash MUA.

A closer look at Ash's Glam Make-up Look.

The last look for the showcase was by Grace Make-up studio.


The last look for the showcase was demonstrated by Grace Make-up Studio. Grace wanted to show a K-pop inspired look on her model, Nerissa. The Korean make-up look is centred towards the skin. To create a flawless looking skin, Grace used an air-brush foundation on her model. For her eyes, she went for a light coloured eyeshadow and emphasised on her eyeliner and eyelashes. Grace did a classic CL eyeliner look by extending the wings of the eyeliner on her model. Attaching a set of falsies gave her model the glamorous look without needing any heavy eyeshadow. Finishing off the eyes with some glitter in the inner corner of the eyes, it makes her model look fit to be on stage! As for her lips, Grace gave her model that K-pop pink with a hint of gloss, which is a favourite among the K-pop idols. A hint of blush makes her model look sweet and her finished eye-make up giving her that sexy idol look. K-pop make up is all about the balance of sexy and sweet. 

Grace doing the make-up look on her model, Nerissa.

A close up on Nerissa's finished look.

The last look for the showcase was demonstrated by Grace Make-up Studio. Grace wanted to show a K-pop inspired look on her model, Nerissa. 

The Makeover Showcase 
|  The Evening  |

It was the first beauty event that I attended in Brunei and I was super impressed by the whole event! It was amazing to meet other beauty enthusiasts in Brunei and especially witnessing and learning from the Make-up Artists on the day. It was a perfect girly afternoon and I got to meet a lot of new and interesting people as well. I'll be leaving some photos of my favourite OOTDs from the event and also some of the vendors I got to check out at the Makeover Showcase! 

This is my favourite OOTD! Enid wore a black spaghetti top and a pair of powder blue culottes. She kept her make up simple and natural. I am in love with her eyebrows too! She looks effortlessly sweet and chic. A perfect summer look!

Here's a picture of the organiser of the whole event, Lily. She wore a baseball tee over a white shirt and a pair of black jeggings. Since she went all monochrome, she wore a striking red pair of Adidas which completed her street style look.

Olivia and her collection of happy green succulents! I had the best chat with her, she's super friendly and passionate! Her collection is full of cute and pretty succulents, decorated with lovely miniatures and vintage pots. Follow her instagram @fourtripleone for more! // Contact details: +673 836 4111,

Vernys and their collection of pretty accessories and clothes from Hong Kong.

Sweets and handmade bags from Juju Crafts & Accessories.

The lovely ladies from His and Her's Collection. They are the official reseller of Lace Lashes in Brunei. // Contact details: Whatsapp +673 725 0944.

The sweet lady from Lovelace store selling accessories, clothes and authentic bags.

The team from Grace Make-up Studio. They have an awesome collection of make-up from Korea! I've always been a big fan of Stylenanda's 3CE collection and I was super stoked to hear that I can get them here in Brunei! They'll be opening their store, De Muse at the end of the year! 


|  END  |

A major thank you to Anisah Alkaff MUA for inviting me to the event and especially for always giving a lot of support to Wearrior Instinct. If you haven't, check out our collab post with Anisah here.

The lovely Grace and the beautiful Anisah Alkaff.

Keep in touch with our talented local MUA, Anisah Alkaff:

 Facebook account - Anisah Alkaff MUA.
Instagram - @yourlastjuicebox.
Contact number - +673 887 8831
E-mail address -

Here's a little video of the event on the day! Thanks for reading and have an amazing week ahead!



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