Autumn Orange

Hello everyone, 

First of all, I just want to apologise because it has been a while since we have updated this blog. However, hey, I am officially back from my slumber and today, I am very excited to show you guys an outfit that I have been trying to construct since early this year. And just an update from myself, I am currently doing postgraduate at UCL, so now, I am living in London!

Anyways, for today's post, I will be exhibiting an outfit that involves a colour that pretty much that people want to avoid wearing and the colour is orange. To be honest, it's a colour that I used to avoid pretty much, during my teen years and even, during my undergrad!

It was only until Nina Neko (do check her blog out) wore an outfit that involves the colour orange that made me think that I should try out this colour and see how it will work out. Although, I've just realised that it is very difficult to find an orange coloured clothing. We don't see the colour much often in stores

So after countless search for an orange coloured chinos, I have finally found it at Jack Wills.

Shirt: Burton
Cardigan: UNIQLO
Chinos: Jack Wills
Bowtie: Vintage Store
For this look, I knew that upon constructing it in my head, it would have to be for the Autumn season.    The symbolic orange leaves falling down from trees would be great for this outfit.

To balance the orange chinos, I have paired it up with a colours that are very subtle such as pastel blue and grey. In addition to that, I have also added universal colours – black and white. I personally think that orange goes well with these type of colours. We must equalise the colour of the orange with something that is very subtle.

For this look, I have decided to wear an Oxford Shirt which is pastel blue in colour from Burton. To keep myself warm from the weather, I've added a grey cardigan. By the way, a grey cardigan is hard to find nowadays, I am not even exaggerating. Shout out to my friend, Cornelius, who gave me this grey coloured cardigan from UNIQLO.

It seems to me that, not a lot of guys are a huge fan of bowties. They would only wear it for formal events, therefore, I've decided to show two photos, one showing with and the other without.

Casual look.
Personally, I love the smart casual look. Hence, I would prefer wearing the bowtie with it. In which, I've chosen a black bowtie with it, in order to complete the outfit. I just thought it would give a contrast to all the light colours that I am wearing. The black buttons from the cardigan matches the black bowtie as well.

Smart casual look.
As for the shoes, I have decided to wear my olive green coloured plimsolls from Lacoste. The olive green just complements the whole outfit all together. For sure, white shoes would go well with the whole outfit too! As well as, black shoes.

Plimsolls: Lacoste
Overall, the look I was going for is – the preppy smart look to go into classes without looking like you are going to a ballroom or a formal event. And the most important piece of clothing from this post is the colour orange, it is a very interesting and difficult colour to work with, but here's how I would wear it.

Autumn has always been my favorite season out of all four. I am not quite sure, but there's just something nice and serene about it. I guess in a way, the fall season symbolises about letting go and releasing things that has been a burden. Okay, I'm getting a bit too carried away from the fashion post.

All photo credits goes to my great friend Naqib H.
Thought, I'll end up this post with the epigraph of the book that I was holding. 

"She's buried beneath a silver birch tree, down towards the old train tracks, her grave marked with a cairn. Not more than a little pile of stones, really. I didn't want to draw attention to her resting place, but I couldn't leave her without remembrance. She'll sleep peacefully there, no one to disturb her, no sounds but birdsong and the rumble of passing trains."

I hope you guys like this look! And again, I am so sorry for being MIA for a while. However, you guys should see us posting more soon.

Till next time,



  1. Assalamualaikum, first of all i've been waiting for your post lately. i don't know how i came across to this blog but, im impressed of your outfit. i love your post mostly. i came across to the post where you wore the thawb/thobe and slowly gain interest to your posts. after i saw almost all of your posts, i thought to myself "wow! he really is a fashionista". im slowly gaining interest in fashion because of you. although we are the opposite gender to each other but im amused to see a Bruneian guy that have an interest in fashion. keep it up.

    p/s: i love your smile. :) and im slowly becoming your fan hahahaha

    keep smiling, be happy always and enjoy your post grad Mu'izz

    till then, Assalamualaikum. -Tina

    1. Wa'alaykumsalam, Tina! First of all, I apologize for only replying this months later. I must have missed it.

      And Jazakallahu Khayran Katheeran for your kind words.

      - Wearrior M

  2. Your style is awesome, I love it! I really love this look with the bow tie, so wonderfully put together and great photos!



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