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This marks our first post in 2016! Happy New Year everyone! It's definitely been a while and it's great to be back on Wearrior Instinct. Hope you all forgive us for our limited activity for the past few weeks. We are still getting used to our new and busy environment. Just to keep you up to date, Wearrior M and Alia are both in their critical year of studies in the UK and Wearrior Fezz has been away for work experience all over the globe. As for me, I have been on house arrest (due to my inability to get a driving permit) and then finally by the end of December have spent two great weeks in KL with 5 days in between in Bangkok. 

Luckily, for me I had a big break between graduation and the start of my Masters this January. I've spent most of my time reflecting and thinking of ways to improve myself inside and out. That my friends, will be another story! As for today, we'll be focusing on our awesome new gifts from Brunei's local clothing brand Galore-Ra!

Galore-Ra is all about outerwear! What's so special about theirs is that they are locally crafted and well suited for the forever summer here in Brunei. Galore-Ra believes in radiating with confidence through style and fashion, and that is definitely what we believe in as well! Aside from being local, their outerwear line expresses the fusion between traditional and modern by featuring ethic prints in a modern style. All of their outerwear are unique, vibrant and best part of all, they are very versatile. 

Today, we will have a special guest blogger working with me. My very own sister, Santi will be featuring in today's post! Thanks to Galore-Ra for letting us share this experience together!


Style, comfort, flexiblity, endurance & ethics - these are the 5 rules of thumb that determines whether or not a clothing item stays on its rack or gets homed in my closet.

Style-wise, Galore-Ra has hit the right notes echoing between the days of old Malay heritage and the era of 50s feminism when women wore the blazer resonating masculine power. The traditional batik print fits rightly well in today's fashion statement where female empowerment doesn't mean that you have to lose your feminine touch, and Galore-Ra preserved that notion of bold feminity in its entirety. I mean look at these colour palettes, I adore the two pieces so much, befitting our tropical Bruneian weather or that of an exotic holiday abroad.

Comfort-wise, the item is made of cotton and is absolutely breathable! I had tried and tested going out in this for 3 days and not a day had I complained of wearing an outerwear in 33 degrees celsius. Practical and comfortable, I know which cover-up I can reach out to on a hot day now!

Flexibility-wise, I was planning to take two different #ootd shots to portray how I used this with a formal skirt and casually with palazzo pants (like in this shoot) but I didn't have the time. What I can tell you though is this: I can work my way up to a formal wedding attire or dress it down casually and it works perfectly in both instances. Formal events or casual outings wouldn't prevent this baby from going out either occassion guys. Money-saved!

Endurance-wise, it's been through 3 washes using a regular washing machine at home and I haven't had any colour fades or distortion in its texture. Prediction: this blazer will go strong forever (seriously), it still feels brand new.

Ethics-wise, it's locally designed and made.  The fabric however is sourced from Indonesia (Ref:’s-best-accessory), so for those who count on carbon-footprint, this is something to consider. In spite of this, we have to consider that Brunei doesn't have a cotton farm to produce cotton fabric so it's fair to source fabric from a neighbouring region which isn't on the other face of the planet. Well done on curating your own designs and having them tailored locally Galore-Ra!

Has it passed the five in my eyes, yes. Please check the brand out if you're looking for something unique for your next event. It's not mass-produced from sweatshop factories, so you'll find that one intricate design that speaks out your inner galore. 


The piece I got from Galore-Ra is this green kimono jacket with yellow and pink flowers. The material and pattern of my kimono reminded me of a traditional batik sarong. Super comfy, lightweight and breathable. The design of my jacket is slightly different than Santi's. Mine opens up in the middle and has a straighter cut. I enjoyed that the middle parting of my jacket as well as my sleeves were lined in this 'bandung' pink. It frames the shape of the jacket very well.

I wanted to go for a casual look. Something very simple to balance off the intricate details on the jacket. I also wanted to show how that it is easy to style. You only need two elements to pull off a Galore-Ra jacket; a simple top with bottoms to match. I naturally went for a common white tank top underneath and paired it off with blue skinnies. As for shoes I went for my trusty black Vagabonds.

To complete my outfit, I went for my Enya Bijoux necklace and a cuff bracelet. The quartz in the necklace really emits this raw and natural vibe, which I think suits the whole look. The cuff I wore has an arrowhead stone attached on it, which gives off an element of the past.

This is a great summer and vacation look. Especially when you're travelling around South-east Asia. Outerwear is really one of the most important pieces you have in your closet. Layering creates an illusion of an elaborate outfit and can help frame your body in different ways. It also helps to give you more versatility in terms of being able to mix and match with many different pieces to create a whole new look.


We'd like to thank Galore-Ra for being immensely patient with us. It took us a while to finally upload this post and they have been amazing supporters by sponsoring us and giving us plenty of time to work on this blog piece. We'd also like to thank our photographers Syafiq and Lily for making time for us and giving us such great energy in the shoot.

We hope you enjoyed this post! Don't forget to follow Galore-Ra on their Instagram account @galore_ra for more updates!

Photography by Syafiq and Lily.

With Love,



  1. You both are looking awesome in your outfits. Its the best utilization of free time to design your own clothes and do things which you never got the time to do.



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