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Ramadan Kareem everyone! 

A few weeks ago Wearrior Instinct was invited to an event organised by Sip n' Tell (IG: @sipntell) called 'Collaborate' held at The Collective's Makerspace. The guests ranged from bloggers, to designers, entrepreneurs and even writers. We were lucky to have had the opportunity. Sip n' Tell spoiled us with good people and good coffee. The Brew Department was there, I had a taste of their Butterscotch latte and it was hella tasty. Also present were the men from Aoyama Coffee, who specializes in hand brews. It was really great to see faces I've been following on social media in person and everyone just radiated with positive vibes. Special mentions to the women that I finally got to meet live; Yusrina (girl boss of Enya Bijoux), Wei Yi Lau (designer of @wyljewellery) and local artist Chynna (IG: @chytxy) - who are all beyond amazing!

I didn't attend the event alone though, I was accompanied by the two favorite Amals; Amal K and Amal RM (Amalsaima). Thanks to Amal RM, I got to meet the lovely and beautiful Reena (Twitter: @reenarozita) who works at The Collective's Makerspace. I am not particularly a shy person, but I wouldn't say I'm super outgoing either. I do get a bit overwhelmed by crowds and I find it difficult to start a conversation with people I don't know or don't know of. Sip n' Tell's concept revolves around stories and socializing over coffee. I had to get out of my comfort zone and start mingling with people other than Amal K and Amal RM. It was really great to have met different creative personalities and I can't thank Delwin and Shaun enough for a great afternoon! 

So let's start talking about today's post. I'm sure you've noticed that today's cover picture features somebody new to Wearrior Instinct. We've mentioned her a lot in our Facebook and Twitter. If you don't know her, she's Brunei's very own beauty and style vlogger, Amalsaima. Amal's been in my life for a loooong time, and she's the first person who got me into make-up and dressing up. We've known each other since we were twelve(?). We're now studying together and also attending events together! Today we'll be talking to you about a Malaysian brand called Lubna. Coincidentally (of course, great minds think alike right?) we bought a top from the same brand recently. It was the top that I wore to the Collaborate event organised by Sip n' Tell. Amalsaima and I both expressed satisfaction in both the design and quality of the products from the brand. For the very first time on Wearrior Instinct, please welcome Amalsaima back to the blogging sphere! 


- The Lubna Embellished Pleated Two Layer Top -

 Piccolo Cafe

Let's start off with my purchase from Zalora, which is the Lubna Embellished Pleated Two Layer Top. I got this in a size S in red for 35 BND (excluding shipping, but now there are further discounts! You can get this top in blue, green or purple for even less!). This is a long-sleeved layered top, which has a pleated hem that sits right on top of the hips. I would say the length is equivalent to the hijabi version of a crop top. It is long enough to cover the waist area but not quite there yet with covering the bottom. The pleats from the second layer adds movement to the boxy outline of the first layer of the top, which I really like because they add both a romantic and girly feel to the top.

On the sleeves you can find these gorgeous feathers and rhinestone embellishments. They were the main reason for my purchase. I was attracted to the feathers and found that they made the top look like a painting. The thin and long feathers create faint-looking strokes of white on the deep red fabric. I have nothing in my closet that was red and had feathers on it. It isn't common to find feathers on someone's clothing and I felt like it was worth the effort to try being more bold with my outfit selection.

I decided to match the top with a light grey shawl from Hajra and my favourite pair of white pants, which harmonizes well with both the red and the feathers.

Since I had a mixture of both light and bold colours in the main parts of my outfit, I wore my black heels from Clarks. I would wear this outfit to events and outings like dinners or even lunch with a significant other or friends. The top is really flexible especially for those that celebrate Raya. I would exchange the pants with a mermaid skirt and make it seem like a modern baju kurung ensemble. This is one of the main reasons that I adore Lubna's collections. Most if not all of the designs from Lubna are very versatile, modern and elegant. The pricing isn't bad either for the quality of their products. The material is composed of poly-blend which is durable and difficult to crease. Despite my initial worries, it was easy to wash. Just hand-wash the garment inside-out and hang it to dry. The feathers are by nature, delicate, so friction can cause them to tear off but they stayed on very well. The trick is to carefully flip the top back to its original side without harming the feathers. Thankfully the feathers also remained intact throughout the washing and drying process. You can find more of the care info on the website itself, just click the link here to check it out!


- The Lubna Kimono Wrap -

Finding the perfect size in Asian brands tends to be a challenge, but when I discovered LUBNA – a modern-meets-classic brand from ZALORA – I took it back home with me. Not only is it affordable, it also offers pieces that are versatile to wear for any occasion. The piece that I’m wearing is actually a baju kurong set, and what I truly appreciate about the design is its flexibility. I could easily mix and match the kimono top with a patterned skirt, or dress it down with a pair of black trousers as shown below.

Let’s talk about the cutting. I like garments that would flatter my body type; in my opinion, tying a ribbon around the waistline is one of the styles that would compliment any curves and one can simply adjust the knot according to his or her own preference. In this case, whether or not you can fit your whole torso inside the wrap, you can still wear something underneath to cover up. The only trouble I find with this top is the sizing on the arms; my arms are huge (like Chris Evans’ without the biceps), and because my arms are disproportionate to my body size, it was slightly tight for me. Nonetheless, it’s a great top overall.

I was surprised to find a stretchable lining underneath – I’m not sure of the purpose because the outer material is poly-blend, but I find that it makes the garment more comfortable to wear. If you’re worried about your pit-stains or sweat coming through the material, I can tell you that the lining saves you from that embarrassment.

I assembled the look according to a color scheme; since hot pink is already a strong color on its own, I didn’t feel like color blocking as I wanted the attention to be focused on the primary color. So, I chose black and white as my ‘neutrals’. LUBNA aside, my trousers are a pair from New Look which has an unconventional zip at the side of the hip. I matched it with a pair of black and white laced up shoes from ZALORA – if you look closely, it has quite an intricate detail along the line where it separates the black and the white. I finished the look with a white headscarf made from a local brand El Jumana. The material for the scarf is sturdy, so rest assured it won’t be flying around if you wanted to create a neat look.

I’d like to thank the Wearrior Instinct team for not just inviting me to collaborate with them, but … 

                                           Let me introduce myself,
               I’m Wearrior Amsaimz.





Major thank you to Piccolo Cafe for letting us have our photo shoot there! 

You can find Piccolo Cafe at Lot 11 Jalan Mcarthur, Bandar Seri Begawan Brunei, BS 8511. 
Phone number: +673 224 1558. E-mail: Facebook: Piccolo Cafe.

Thank you again to Syafiq from SL Visual for all the photography and editing! Please check SL Visual out on their Instagram (@sl_visual) and new website!

Thanks for reading and we hope you are as excited as we are about today's post!!

With Love,

A + Amsaimz


  1. Interesting post and lovely pictures. Thanks for sharing and the ladies look really amazing. Loving the head scarf or is it hijab i have heard? I will try it on for myself.



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