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The Red Blooded Vixens by Na Forrer

Hi everyone! Wearrior A here, it's been a while since we've been live on the blog. A lot has changed with me, both internally and externally. Eventually it became difficult to come back as Wearrior A. Fortunately, Wearrior Instinct was approached by someone special sometime in November last year who managed to convince me to make a comeback. She is a strong woman with a vision and passion for creativity, confidence and fashion. Hardworking Mom, Lady Boss and Designer, Farhanna Pura of Na Forrér! Farhanna contacted Wearrior Instinct's A, Alia and Amsaima to collaborate with her design label, Na Forrér including 9 other Bruneian talents to take part in Na Forrér's latest fashion campaign #NFormation. As an 'NF Girl', we got to work hand in hand with Farhanna in designing the #NFormation collection that is dedicated to express our personal style infused with elements of Na Forrér into each piece. 


To describe the #NFormation Fashion Campaign conjures up the adjectives; individualistic, bold, classy, romantic and demure. The collection features a range of styles including couture dresses, gowns and jumpsuits, all expressing high fashion and 'glamsual' looks. There are four distinct concepts from #NFormation that  Na Forrér curated, namely; The Enchantress, Femme Fatale, An All White Affair and The Red Blooded Vixen.

  - The Enchantress -

#NFormation: The Siddique, The Ajeera and The Ammal.
Featuring: @siddiqahrosli, @jeeradoesfashion and Wearrior Amsaima.


 - Femme Fatale -

#NFormation: The WeekendFrock, The Mayden and The Nabeela.
Featuring: @weekendfrocks, @themayden and @lipstickmyname.


- An All White Affair -

 #NFormation: The Disco, The Alia and The Lioness.
Featuring: @discofissh, Wearrior Alia and @truelionesss.

- Red Blooded Vixen -

#NFormation: The Ainul, The Rube and The Namasté.
Featuring: Wearrior A, @phoebechok and @cupofnamste.


The Red Blooded Vixen 

- The Ainul -



- The Ainul : About -

Just as the name goes, the Red Blooded Vixen concept is strong, bold and alluring. 'The Ainul' for the #NFormation Red Blooded Vixen line is designed as a maxi dress composed of a light crepe body in burgundy. The princess style bodice features a V neckline and luxurious red and gold Songket waist band. One of the main features of 'The Ainul' dress is the romantic tulle ruffled sleeves, decorated with delicate hand-made red and gold Songket flowers. The maxi dress finishes with subtle yet sexy chiffon slits which extends below the knee to the hemline. An extra feature of the dress includes hidden hand pockets placed at the sides of the dress right below the waist.

'The Ainul' dress was designed to encompass certain elements of Wearrior A into Na Forrér. I got to meet Farhanna over coffee and we talked about both our interests and inspirations. Other than fashion, my personal interest lies in mother nature. I've always been drawn to the natural beauty in the environment and so the mood board I prepared for Na Forrér was filled with floral detailing. The theme that I went for was Floral, Frills and Lace. Since #NFormation was all about bold and strong looks, both Wearrior A and Na Forrér combined to form a timeless and chic maxi dress which expresses a mix of feminity and fierceness. Given the timeless and chic themes, 'The Ainul' dress is great for formal occasions such as weddings, dinners and Eid celebrations. If you're bold enough, you could even wear this for a romantic dinner date with your significant other.

- The Ainul : Make-Up -

During the production of #NFormation, we had Malaysian Make-up Artist Natasya (@makeupbynatasya) on standby to help us complete our transformation into NF Girls. Natasya decided to go for a editorial theme for the Red Blooded Vixen photo shoot and kept our make up bold but minimal. She decided to accentuate my features by focusing mainly on the eyes and lips. For my eyes, she kept it fresh by giving me glossy eyelids and eyeliner. As for the lips, she went for a dark burgundy lip to match my dress. As for the base, she kept my face fresh and clean, only to define my cheek bones and nose bridge to give me that bold and sharp look. To frame my face, my hair was pushed back and kept neat and sleek to keep true to that editorial feel.

Natasya has the softest touch and she knows her way around matching the best makeup to suit one's facial features and occasion. She picked the best foundation to suit my skin tone and the right shade of concealer to cover my acne and acne scars. I also loved the way she did my eyebrows, which she kept natural and well defined. On top of that she really has the sweetest personality and made me feel comfortable and happy throughout the transformation. The best part? She made me feel confident thanks to her finishing touch.  

- Being an NF Girl -

Being an NF Girl was a refreshing experience. It was a great opportunity and I really appreciate Farhanna and the other bloggers for all the encouragement and energy. The #NFormation campaign also required us to take part in an editorial photo shoot, working with the production crew, directors and makeup artist. I was out of my comfort zone and found it challenging to express myself because of the professional setting. Despite everyone's social media profile, we all lead regular lives. We all have other responsibilities in the day, be it family, work or education. It was great to see ladies supporting each other, taking the time and effort to work together to create something imaginary and turn it into a reality. Farhanna's vision was also in line with this year's International Women's Day campaign theme 'Be Bold For Change'. Together we celebrated Farhanna's achievement in bringing forward her #NFormation campaign to London Fashion Week, House of Icons. One big step for Brunei and the Women of Brunei!


. . . 

Special Thanks 

Creative director of Na ForrérFarhanna Pura

Production team: @moderatefilms

Make-up Artist and Hair stylist: @makeupbynatasya

. . .

 Na Forrer

The #NFormation collection is now available for made-to-measure and you can contact Farhanna by:


Instagram: @naforrer

. . . 


 The NF Girls


- The Enchantress -

Siddiqah Rosli as The Siddique
Instagram:  @siddiqahrosli

Amsaima as The Ammal,  
 Instagram: @amsaimz

The Ajeera.
 Instagram: @jeeradoesfashion

 - Femme Fatale -

Nabeela Fadzil as The Nabeela 
  Instagram: @lipstickmyname

Fina Muhamad as The WeekendFrock 
 Instagram: @weekendfrocks

May Cho as The Mayden.
 Instagram: @themayden


- An All White Affair -

 Min as The Disco
 Instagram: @discofissh

 Alia Alkaff as The Alia
 Instagram: @alia_alkaff

 Nuurol as The Lioness 


- Red Blooded Vixen -

Wearrior A as The Ainul

 Phoebe Chok as The Rube
 Instagram: @phoebechok

Amal Kasmirhan as The Namasté.
 Instagram: @cupofnamaste

. . .

- FIN -

Thank you for reading. See you again soon!

With Love,




  1. your collection of dresses looks ravishing. its very good to see that how hard you all work for your campaigns. loved all the dresses.



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